International PelionFestival

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year of establishment: 2000

The International PelionFestival (IPeF) is an annual Summer Academy (educational programmes) and Festival (classical music concerts), that includes courses, masterclasses, concerts, lectures, happenings, educational programmes for the local children and the -unique in Greece- International Violoncello Festival. IPeF has been organised since 2000 by the non-profit organisation, Polyrhythmia. The Festival has mainly been taking place in Zagora but in neighbouring villages like Tsangarada and Kissos as well. Its events harmonically combine music with nature, history and the environment. 


IPeF’s high artistic quality and educational value are widely recognised as shown below: 

  • The three-day feature (12-14.3.2019) by the Alternative Stage of the Greek National Opera in Athens (link here). 

  • The participation in the European Festivals Network and the cooperation with  the «Festival des Forêts» in Compiègne-France

  • The cooperation with museums as well as with cultural and educational institutions in Greece and abroad

  • The constant  support of the Holy Metropolis of Demetrias and Almyros which will develop even more by the presence of His Eminence, the Metropolitan Bishop Ignatios in the celebrations for the 20 years of IPeF in 2019.


In the summer of 2019 the 20th edition of the International PelionFestival will be hosting a series of masterclasses and concerts in the wider area of Eastern Pelion.


20ο International PelionFestival

Music Festival & Academy

inspiration in nature

July 18th - August 4th, 2019

20-years International PelionFestival celebrations


1.Academy- Educational programmes


  • July 18th - 25th: Voice

  • July 25th - August 4th: Cello, Violin (A. Grammatikopoulos) and Piano

  • July 27th - August 4th: Violin (L.Neudauer)

  • July 29th - August 4th: Viola (Laurent Camatte)



Academy - The masterclasses will be taught by the following musicians:

A. Instruments (17.7- 4.8.2019)

6th Violoncello Festival (25.7-4.8):

Ulrich Voss, Matias de Oliveira Pinto, Angelos Liakakis, Vassilis Saïtis, Themistocles Vagenas, Dimitris Karagiannakidis



Lena Neudauer (27.7-4.8), Apollon Grammatikopoulos (25.7-4.8)



Laurent Camatte



Zoe Samsarelou



Sophia Kyanidou 


Piano accompanists:

Risa Adachi, Apostolia Anastasiou, Christos Syngounis (for the voice classes).




Concerts will be given by internationally acclaimed musicians and the festival ensembles, such as the IPeF Violoncello Sextet, the IPeF Violoncello Ensemble and the IPeF String Ensemble. A lecture by Vyron Fidetzis entitled „Pieces for violoncello by Greek composers“ is included in the 2019 programme as well.



In its 20-year run, the Festival has grown into a significant educational and artistic institution, not only in a national level but internationally as well. That can be confirmed by the growing number of participants from Europe, Latin America and Asia.

We wish you a pleasant and full-of-experiences summer.

The artistic directors,

Zoe Samsarelou

Dimitris Karagiannakidis

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