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Terms of participation

*The application form should be submitted until the 16th of June 2023 through the website*


The masterclasses are open to musicians of every age. At the end of the courses all students will receive a certificate of participation.

*Students under twelve years of age must be accompanied by an adult.


All participants in one-to-one tutorial lessons will receive at least 4 tutorials. Furthermore, during the courses, the tutors urge their students to form chamber music groups, rehearse and perform.
All participants in the courses will have the opportunity to attend the other tutors' tutorials as an audience.


For the chamber music sessions, groups must be formed before the music courses begin. Each group should submit a common application form. The chamber music sessions are a special category and should not be confused with the various small and large ensembles which are created on the spot during the courses by the participants in one-to-one tutorials.


This The big Violoncello Orchestra under the guidance of Mr. Voss is going to take place in 2023!

Furthermore the formation of small violoncello -and in general string- ensembles will be encouraged and guided by our teachers. 

We request at ALL CELLISTS bring their own floor protection equipment because we need to protect the school’s floor from any damage. 


A piano accompanist will be provided by the Festival for all participants. Every active participant will have the possibility of presenting one or more musical compositions at one or more concerts for a maximum duration of 8 minutes, accompanied by a pianist.


Please send the scores for the piano accompaniment at your earliest convenience, until the 16th of June (and don’t forget to mention the pieces in the application form) as follows:

*Those who do not send their scores before the deadline of the 16th of June, will miss the opportunity to play with the available pianist.

Fees - Deposit - Accommodation



One-to-one tutorials:

Violoncello: 235€

Violin, Viola, Piano: 220€ 

Chamber music sessions:

  • a group of 2 persons: 160€ per person (duration of each lesson: 1hour and 30 minutes)

  • a group of 3 persons: 140€ per person (duration of each lesson: 2 hours)

  • a group of 4 persons: 110€ per person (duration of each lesson: 2 hours)

  • a group of 5 persons: 90€ per person (duration of each lesson: 2 hours)


Non-active participants:

10€ pro day or 60€ for the whole duration, for all courses.


Participants are requested to forward until June 16th a deposit of 60€ for one-to-one tutorials and for each chamber music group at Piraeus Bank in the account number:


NAME: Polyrhythmia

IBAN: GR83 0171 0840 0060 8404 0030 914, 


We kindly request whoever is transferring the deposit by wire transfer from a different bank than Piraeus Bank Greece, to add an amount of 4€, which is being deducted by the bank per wire transfer (this does not apply to those who do the deposit in person at a Piraeus Bank branch office). 

Please remember to register the participant’s name when making the deposit!

The deposit fee is not refundable.

The rest of the tuition fee can be transferred until the 15th of July or be paid during the course in Zagora. 




The hotels will be available for booking until the 16th of June. Later than that there is no guarantee of availability for the Festival. 


We can organise the hotel reservation for participants coming from abroad.

Please contact us about all information needed (dates, package cost etc.).

Greek participants visiting the english version of our website are kindly requested to go to the greek version of this page. 

To your information there is a special price for the participants to the following hotels:

  • Arhontiko Gayannis (17€ per night per person, including breakfast)*

  • Hostel Roussis (17€ per night per person,  not including breakfast**)*

  • Rooms to Let "Marika" (12€ per night per person, including breakfast)*


*The prices refer to two-bed rooms.

**Arhontiko Gayannis is offering breakfast to guests of the Hostel Roussis for 2€.

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