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Ulrich Voss

Violoncello, Chamber Music, PelionFestival Violoncello Orchestra

Prof. Ulrich Voss studied the cello in Hamburg and Saarbrücken under the instruction of Prof. Heinrich Schüchner and Claus Kanngiesser. He also attended a course in Musicology at the University of Saarland. While living in Israel, he studied the cello with the cellist and composer Joachim Stutschewsky. He studied Israeli music and published a catalogue with biographies in Tel Aviv in 1980. In Paris he was instructed in voice by Professor Alfred Tomatis (audio-Psycho-Phonology) and underwent functional training of the voice by Prof. Eugene Rabine. He has also studied the horn.


As a conductor, he conducted the State Youth Orchestra, the German Philharmonic Orchestra and the Bavarian Youth Orchestra for many years, and the Orchestra of the University of Saarland. From 1982-2008, he conducted the Symphonic Chamber Orchestra of Homburg with the cooperation of many renowned soloists, such as, Eduard Brunner, Tabea Zimmermann, Stephan Picard, the Stuttgard piano trio, Gustav Rivinius, Julian Steckel and others.

He has been involved in investigating the techniques of different string instruments and has given many courses and lectures on them. From 1974 to 2014 he was teaching the cello, methodology, pedagogy and orchestral studies at the University of Saarbrücken.

He has developed a personal method of teaching the cello for children from 4 years old, young musicians and professionals, which is based on the following points :

1. Basis of the technique of the strings

2. Consciousness of the body

3. Instrumental playing/the language of the body/expression: when do signs and movements become music?

4. Practicing and practicing process

5. Teaching beginners

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